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Payment Policy

LS Incorporation Services (“LSIS”) requests a valid credit card on file in order to retain their services.  If LSIS is authorized to use it for the initial payment, LSIS may also use it for payment of any amounts still owed after the initial payment, after notifying Client in advance of the additional charges.


If paying via check, once the funds clear the bank, LSIS will proceed with its services as outlined above.


We can also arrange for ACH payments, if your firm is set up to do so.  Contact us to make arrangements.


Unfortunately, bank-to-bank payment is not possible.


Client will indicate on the Checklist how payment is to be made.


LS Incorporation Services (“LSIS”) is not an attorney or paralegal service, does not perform legal services or give legal advice and cannot engage in the practice of law.  Neither can LSIS provide tax advice.  Client should consult a tax advisor, accountant or other person qualified to provide tax advice and/or an attorney prior to engaging LSIS’ services.  All information provided to LSIS should be carefully considered and verified with such qualified advisers in advance. LSIS cannot and has no obligation to independently verify the infor­mation provided to LSIS.  Laws and obligations regarding set-up, words allowed or not allowed in the

title of the entity, continuing Secretary of State obligations, and Attorney General and IRS requirements are the obligation of the client providing information to Checklist and LSIS is not responsible therefor.


In no event will LSIS be liable or responsible for any errors or omissions of content of this website, including, without limitation, errors of pricing or availability of its services or products, or for damages that may result from misunderstanding by users of this website.


The person supplying information in the Checklist and/or the shareholder or Member and/or the tax advisor or business manager providing the Checklist and/or payment is the “Client”.  Client is solely responsible for the accuracy of any information supplied to LSIS and shall hold LSIS harmless from any and all liability which LSIS may sustain from rendering services on Client’s behalf. Should any disputes arise, the laws of the State of California shall govern.  For any legal action concerning these terms and conditions shall be in the courts of San Bernardino County.



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